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The MASC Man

Dive Store Data Systems Program

Welcome to The MASC Man™. The purpose of this web site is to support our current users and provide information for future users. We've will be providing a number of resources to help users resolve any problems, report inconveniences, and suggest improvements to our products and services.

The MASC Man is a computer program specifically designed for the dive industry by dive store owners. The program is divided into seven different modules, each covering a specific area of daily operations in the modern dive store. In addition, modules are linked to perform interchangeable functions and share information. All modules are menu driven making them easy to learn, use, and teach.

Purchase the MASC Man and you’ve hired a new employee who takes no sick days, receives no vacations, requires no benefits, follows instructions to the letter and produces correct high-quality work 365 days a year. The MASC Man can be the single most important step you take towards organizing your business to keep pace with today’s changing business needs.


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