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This page contains answers to frequently asked questions handled by our support and pre-sales staff.

  1. What are the equipment/operating system requirements for the single-user version of The MASC Man?

  2. What are the equipment/operating system requirements for the multi-user version of The MASC Man?

  3. Can I use a laser printer for receipts?

  4. What are the bar code requirements?

  5. What are the cash drawer requirements?

  6. When starting the system, I get a RENTAL DATE ERROR.

  7. How do I setup printing for Windows 95/98?

  8. During monthly inventory close, years beyond 2005 are not accepted.

1. Single-User System

Operating System

  • MS-Dos 5.0 or higher
  • MS Windows 3.1
  • MS Windows 95/98


  • PC w/Pentium 100 processor
  • Hard Drive - 1GB or larger
  • 3-1/2" floppy drive
  • 2-serial, 1-parallel ports
  • FX-80 compatable printer
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard

2. Multi-User System

Operating System

  • SCO Unix 3.2v4.2
  • SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.5

Hardware *

  • PC w/Pentium 100 or greater
  • SCSI Hard Drive - 2 GB or larger
  • SCSI Tape Drive
  • SCSI CD-Rom Drive
  • External Modem
  • 3-1/2" floppy drive
  • 2-serial, 1-parallel ports
  • FX-80 compatable printer
  • Multi-Port card and cables for serial devices (ie.printers/terminals)
  • Terminals (Wyse60 compatable)
  • Network cards and cables for printers and PC's used as terminals
  • Monitor
  • Kayboard

*All hardware must be listed in the SCO Hardware compatibility guide.


3. Laser Printers

Laser printers can be used for receipts in the standard compatibility mode.  To use them we recommend that you use the laser setup to make it print two(2) copies as if you were using carbonless paper in a standard dot-matrix printer.  To print bar code labels, you must have an FX-80 compatable dot-matrix printer.

4. Bar Code Requirements

The MASC Man uses a keyboard wedge type input device.  This can be a wand or gun style so long as it is placed between the keyboard and computer and outputs standard ASCII codes.

5. Cash Drawer

The MASC Man uses serial device cash drawers.  The device is connected to the COM1 port on the single-user system or any serial device port on the multi-user system.

6. Rental Date Error

Follow the steps below to correct the Rental Date Error.

1. Restart computer in MS-DOS mode.
2. Change Directories to your Mascman directory. (i.e.MM400 or MM500)
3. Type the following command as shown between the brackets [ ].
[foxprun masc_dot]
It will enter The Mascman program and stop at the command line "Enter Masc Command"
4. The Masc Command to enter is [use mascdata]
5. You will be returned to the blank command line.
6. Enter [replace all STR14 with " 00/00/2000"] The zero's represent today's date. In this case you MUST use the quotation marks before and after the date"
7. This takes a half second and tells you it has made 13 replacements then returns you to the command line.
8. Press the enter key and you are returned to the MS-DOS prompt.
9. Type [exit] and you are returned to your desktop. Verify your computer date is today's date.

7. Windows 95/98 Printing

Follow the steps below for printing thru Windows 95/98.

1. Left click Start
2. Left click Settings
3. Left click Printers
4. Right mouse click your printer icon
5. Check - "Set as default"
6. Left click Properties
7. Left click Details - The port should say "LPT1: (printer port).
8. Port Settings - UNCHECK "Spool MS-Dos Print Jobs" Click OK.
9. Spool Settings - Check "Print directly to the Printer". Click OK
10. Return to the desktop.

8. During monthly inventory close, years beyond 2005 are not accepted.

Follow the steps below to replace an inventory program file.
1. Download a new copy of the program
2. Save the file on your computer by clicking on the filename and save.
3. Transfer the file to the computer running MASCMAN.
4. Copy the file into the directory containing the MASCMAN program files. Usually MM410 or MM500.



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