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One of the most important things to a retailer is to know his inventory; stock levels, what is and isn’t selling, what needs to be reordered and how much to buy. This program will provide you with this information daily, weekly, monthly, and when integrated with the Point-of-Sale Module, instantaneously.

Key Features

  • Based on 7-digit code

  • Maintains up to 99 separate categories

  • Maintains complete product information including supplier, price, manufacturers part number

  • Multi-Price levels linked to POS/Customer

  • Order inventory by purchase order

  • Receive merchandise by purchase order

  • Permits minimum/maximum quantities
    to be established

  • Tracks MTD/YTD sales for up to two
    (2) years

  • Generates product price tag labels individually or total of daily received
    by purchase order

  • Generates standard or bar code labels

  • Complete vendor file including account numbers, terms and FAX number

  • Mass cost/price change

  • Taxable or Non-Taxable


  • Counter price list

  • Monthly receiving report by supplier listing item and value

  • Interstore transfers

  • Stock level report by vendor or product code for physical inventory

  • Summary inventory values

  • Profit margin report including cost, selling price and quantity on hand

  • Stock reorder/suggested order

  • Stock level over maximum

  • Cross-reference to/from manufacturer’s
    part number

  • History files

  • Inventory reports including sales information

  • YTD sales by manufacturer or category

  • No-Sale report

  • Purchase order status


The heart of an advertising program for a diving retailer is his mailing list. People who are already certified or who have requested information on scuba activities are the best source of revenue. This program will maintain a standard mailing list along with extensive information on each of your students. Information can be sorted to mailing labels, reports or disc file.

Key Features

  • Maintains name, address, home and work telephone numbers, date of birth, social security number

  • Special note field of up to 38 characters for additional information

  • Tracks certified or non-certified customers

  • Tracks whether customer is your student or not

  • Maintains student class information including location, course, instructor, course month/year and C-card number

  • Automatically checks for duplicate names during additions

  • Flags your students during deletion routine so their class information isn’t destroyed

  • Permits instant look-up using first 3 letters of last name

  • Produces mailing labels or reports

  • Produces disk files for use with word processors

  • Assignable P-O-S pricing levels

  • Active/Inactive Status

  • Special interest coding

  • Customer Bar Code labels


  • Sorts alphabetically or by zip code

  • Sorts by male or female, certified or non-certified, our student or not our student, birthdate by month or age, or special note field

  • Instructor report by instructor, location, year or course

  • Statistics report

  • Letter merge

  • Letter generator


Links with the Inventory Control, Customer/Student Information, Rental Control, Repair Tracking and Class/Event Registration Modules and operates at your front counter. This program allows your computer to function as a sophisticated cash register while you keep your money in a simple cash drawer. With each transaction it can print a counter sales receipt while updating your inventory, mailing list, and other linked modules. Optional link to General Ledger for complete financial update.

Key Features

  • Produces sales receipt with customer name, address, telephone number, date, and salesperson

  • Displays method of payment including which charge card

  • Requests drivers license ID number for personal checks

  • Automatic sales tax calculation

  • Instant customer mailing list add

  • Reduces inventory with each sale

  • Returns/exchanges handled on standard sales receipt

  • Tracks customer purchases

  • Allows 3 user-option discount levels

  • Maintains open-balance invoices

  • Permits unlimited number of payments on open invoices

  • Can handle up to 24 revenue department codes

  • Can track up to 26 salespeople

  • Permits invoice to be voided only with proper password

  • Allows 4 lines of user-option copy on receipt

  • Bar-code compatible

  • Flagging system

  • Open receivable check

  • Duplicate invoice printing

  • Salesperson commission system

  • Link to General Ledger


  • Detail & Summary, Daily & Month-to-Date, Current or History

  • Sales by salesperson

  • Sales by revenue department code

  • Sales by payment method

  • Sales reports including cost information

  • All invoices

  • Open invoices only

  • All invoices for specific salesperson

  • Customer purchases

  • Cash receipts

  • Accounts receivable statements


Links with Point-of-Sale and Customer/Student Information Modules to monitor the flow of repair items through your facility.

Key Features

  • Generates repair tag, work order, and customer receipt

  • Enters new customers to the mailing list

  • Receipt is automatically printed with customer name, address, and telephone number

  • Maintains history file for service reminders

  • Allows 4 lines of user-option copy
    on receipt

  • Allows for warranty returns to vendors

  • Access POS for sale of standard inventory in the same transaction

  • Repair Parts purchase order system


  • In Process, Completed, Waiting Parts
    Status Reports

  • Parts inventory by manufacturer

  • Parts reorder

  • Labels for pickup notices or yearly
    service reminder

  • Statistics report by item or technician

  • Items out for warranty repair/replacement


Links with Point-of-Sale and Customer/Student Information Modules to keep track of classes, social activities, boat dives, trips or any event which requires registration and/or fees.

Key Features

  • Maintains event listings which can include dates, flight schedules, location, responsible person, price, etc.

  • Produces disk files for use with word processors

  • Produces invoices with open balance tracking through POS

  • Allows 4 lines of user-option copy
    on receipt

  • Access POS for sale of standard inventory in the same transaction


  • All event listings

  • Sign up for specific event

  • History reports

  • Deposit/Final Payment Due


Links with Point-of-Sale and Customer/Student Information Module to produce an equipment rental reservation system. Takes the guesswork out of your rental program as it lets you confidently rent all your equipment as frequently as possible without fear of double-booking. Also helps eliminate the traffic jam on pick-up day for those previously using a first come-first served basis.

Key Features

  • Permits reservations daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term up to 30 days
    in advance

  • Automatically prints out name, address and telephone on reservation receipt

  • Produces reservation form indicating specific equipment types and sizes

  • Accepts credit card or cash security deposits

  • Maintains rental equipment inventory including manufacturer, serial number, in-service date, last and next service date and maintenance history

  • Produces daily pull sheet to prepare rentals for pick-up

  • Allows 4 lines of user-option copy on reservation form

  • Links with Repair Tracking for parts used for maintenance

  • Access POS for sale of standard inventory in the same transaction


  • Reservation report by day, week, or month

  • Items due for maintenance

  • Maintenance history

  • Daily pull sheets

  • Overdue equipment

  • Customer tracking


Common Features of the System

  • Pop-Up Calculator

  • Custom Report Generator

  • Custom Label Generator

  • Pop-Up Pick Lists

  • Customer Edit During Sales

  • Password Protected



Single User Multi-User
The MASC Man - Version 5.20
  • Inventory
  • Customer/Student
  • Point of Sale
  • Rental
  • Repair
  • Class/Event
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